Intercultural Communication: The Basics

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3rd February 2018
03/02/2018 9:30 - 17:30


Heike Tiedeck
Guest Lecturer


Hagelkruisstraat 19, 5835 BD Beugen, The Netherlands   View map

Understanding and mastering the basic elements of communication theory, and how to use them in different cultural contexts, plays a central role in our encounters and dialogues in everyday life. This module will give an introduction to communication in specific cultural contexts.

Learning Objectives:

  • Defining communication
  • Forms of communication – communication between different cultures
  • Overcoming barriers in intercultural communication
  • The importance of communication for handling intercultural conflicts

Main Topics:

  • Definition of communication
  • Intercultural communication models
  • Interactive exercises and case studies
  • Communication in asylum proceedings

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