Biblical Theology of Migration - Being a Stranger as a Gift and a Challenge

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11th November 2017
11/11/2017 9:30 - 17:30


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Traugott Hopp
Lecturer - Integration Assistant Course


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The Bible talks in both the Old and the New Testament about the wanderings of the people of God. Migration is therefore also a biblical subject. Its contemporary forms are not unlike those in the Bible. Emigration, collective and individual escape from suppression, deportation and resettlement are the contexts in which God wrote His story with mankind. Knowledge of God and identity were often gained in the context of migration. During this module the participants will be encouraged to reflect on their own identity and to gain a theological concept of migration for today based on biblical teaching.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the module (including assignment) the participants have

  • Developed a biblical-theological framework as a basis for a theology of migration
  • An increased attention and awareness for Bible texts which deal with migration and strangers.
  • Been enabled to explain why for Christians the topic of “migration” is of such high importance
  • Gained a new view on their own identity as Christians in the context of diverse identities of origin.

Main Topics:

  • Israel’s fundamental experience (as strangers) and its calling
  • The stranger in Israel
  • Example: Theology of migration in the book of Ruth
  • The New Testament people of God: “A People on Route”
  • Theology of pilgrimage and hospitality

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