Family Life and Structures in other Cultures

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10th March 2018
10/03/2018 - 9:30 to 17:30


Heike Tiedeck
Guest Lecturer


Hagelkruisstraat 19, 5835 BD Beugen, The Netherlands   View map

The family is a central structure in all cultures. However, the understanding of family and the corresponding values are different from culture to culture. In a multi-cultural society these different values and understandings come to light and can lead to tensions both inside and outside the families. In this module participants get to know and understand family structures from other cultures. Pathways to encounter and solving of potential conflicts will also be shown.

Learning Objectives:

The participants are able

  • To recognize and analyse different family structures and their patterns of interaction.
  • To reflect the ethics of different religions in relation to the main features in male and female role expectation.
  • To recognize and explain culturally determined motivating factors for certain behaviour patterns in child rearing.
  • To be sensitive to different family structures and to recognize potential conflict situations in encountering and interacting with other cultures, and to suggest solutions.

Main Topics:

  • Parameters for the analysis of different family structures
  • The relationship between ethics, religion and the concept of family
  • Values in different cultural family structures


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