Different cultures living together successfully - The Christian Church as a Model

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12th May 2018
12/05/2018 9:30 - 17:30


Photo of Traugott Hopp
Traugott Hopp
Lecturer - Integration Assistant Course


Hagelkruisstraat 19, 5835 BD Beugen, The Netherlands   View map

More than 50% of all the migrants in Germany have a Christian background. Integrating them into churches could increase their overall integration. To a great extent this potential has so far been neglected by the local churches. And yet, the intercultural church has its roots already in the New Testament. This module shows from a biblical perspective how the church can support integration into society.

Learning Objectives:

With this seminar the participants gain

  • A glimpse into the heart of God for this world
  • A notion as to how God wants to use the church as a model for the nations
  • Examples of how the church has fulfilled its task as a model
  • Examples and background information of why a multi-ethnic church is a difficult and challenging route to take
  • Ideas of how, in small steps, the church can become a model

Main Topics:

  • The unity and disunity of mankind
  • The people of God as God’s example for the nations
  • Unity in cultural diversity
  • Church as a “shelter” – culture of hospitality
  • Approaches for dealing with cultural difference in the church

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