Trauma - Recognizing Signs, Offering Help

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13th January 2018


Photo of Dr. Angela Böker
Dr. Angela Böker
Lecturer - Integration Assistant Course


Hagelkruisstraat 19, 5835 BD Beugen, The Netherlands   View map

Estimates about the percentage of traumatised refugees vary considerably. The term “trauma” has a broad usage and is not always used in a medically correct way. This seminar deals with the subject of “traumatization” among refugees and demonstrates how people who are in contact with refugees, yet without psychological training, can identify trauma and offer help.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognizing signs of trauma
  • Knowing possible actions to take
  • Knowing places for trauma therapy
  • Knowing possible ways of distancing oneself from the problems of those you are working with

Main Topics:

  • Definition of “trauma/traumatization”
  • Effects of traumatization
    • Physical processes
    • Outward signs
  • Therapeutic options
    • Overview of the German health system
    • Therapeutic limitations
    • Therapeutic approaches
  • Assessment of the grade of traumatization
    • Possibilities of psychologically untrained people to help traumatized people
    • Signs for the need of professional help
  • Options for creating distance

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