Conni Auer


Conni (BA equiv. Primary Ed) developed a special love for missionary families and their specific needs while being dorm mum and director of Bourofaye Christian School in Senegal. She is passionate about seeing personal and spiritual growth in young and also not so young people. To continue working in an international setting is something she […]

Jens Auer


Jens (BA equiv. Forest engineering) After having worked in forestry for six years he and his family lived in Senegal/Westafrica for 12 years before coming to Cornerstone as staff members in 2018. From 2001-2003 he and his wife had been students at Cornerstone themselves and have benefitted from the training tremendously. In Senegal Jens and […]

Ruth Lockhart


After 2 years training at The Faith Mission Bible College is Scotland (2003 – 2005) Ruth worked with the Mission in the North East of England for two years and at the Bible College in Edinburgh for one year. She then completed Child Evangelism Fellowship’s (CEF) three month Children’s Ministry Leadership training in Autumn 2008 […]

Arjan de Waaij

The Netherlands

Arjan has a background in Mechanical Engineering. In 2006 he coordinated the building of a primary school in Zambia. From 2008-2010 he studied at Cornerstone and together with his wife and kids he spent five years in Burkina Faso and Mali. He was involved in church-planting and he set up a community center with a […]

Ross de Waaij

Roos and her husband Arjan served in Zambia for a year before starting their studies at Cornerstone. After completing these studies in 2010, Roos, Arjan and their four children spent five years in Burkina Faso and Mali. They were involved in church-planting and Roos also home-schooled her children. She joined staff at Cornerstone in the […]

Lizzie Fonseca

United Kingdom

Lizzie (BA) is from the UK. She worked for many years with International Students in the UK both professionally and in ministry, working with Pioneers and Friends International teams to reach out to internationals living in Birmingham. She completed her CELTA (TEFL) training in Spain and has lived and taught in Poland and Brazil. She […]

Tiago Fonseca


Tiago (BA, PGCert) is Brazilian. He has over 10 years professional experience in Marketing and Promotions, both in secular and Christian circles.  He served with WEC in Senegal and completed missions training at Cornerstone. Tiago has worked as Communications Director and Young Adults Pastor of Quinta Igreja, a large Presbyterian church in Brazil. At the […]

Heike Tiedeck

Guest Lecturer

(MA ICS). Heike lived in France and England, and travelled in the Philippines and Egypt, before marrying Wolfgang in 1995. She accompanied him to Ghana and helped in the TEE ministry, as well as serving as field treasurer and health advisor. She teaches in the area of Intercultural Studies.