Photo of Rebekka Kühn

Rebekka Kühn

Lecturer - Integration Assistant Course

Rebekka Kühn worked for two years on board the MV Logos Hope in Northern Europe and the Caribbean. Following her stay abroad, she studied International Social Work at the Protestant University of Applied Science in Ludwigsburg and at the University of Botswana. During her practical semester, she taught photography to teenagers in India. Back in Germany, Rebekka worked as a social worker in a refugee home. She is currently a photographer at Rebekka Choo Photography and acts as a consultant at the European Institute for Integration, Migration and Islam.


ID Course Name Duration Start Date
Module-C9 The 2nd and 3rd Generation of Immigrants – Opportunities and Challenges 09/06/2018 9:30 - 17:30 9th June 2018