Diploma in Intercultural Studies

The two year programme in Cornerstone Bible college, also called the Diploma programme in Intercultural Studies, prepares missionary candidates for cross-cultural work. Students who finish Cornerstone’s diploma programma succesfully are prepared for ministries as: pioneer church planting, church nurture, support and aid ministries, ‘tent making’ situations, etc.

Beside biblical studies, the second year majors on missiology, intercultural studies and cross-cultural communication. Spiritual and personal formation courses encourages students to develop their leadership skills. Included in the second year is an internship of six weeks hands-on mission experience in a cross-cultural setting (The cost for the six week mission experience is NOT included in the fees and will depend on the country you go to).

Our Cornerstone Bible college diploma programme is accredited by the ECTE. If you would like to apply for this two year programme, please click here.

Holy Bible
Creative Evangelism

Biblical Studies

Genesis 1-11

Theology for Missions

History of missions
Contemporary theologies of mission
Biblical ethics across cultures
Individual research project

Communicating the gospel across cultures

Cultural anthropology
World religions
Church planting
Dependency & development issues
Children in crisis
Language acquisition
Preaching & discipleship
Weekly ministry Individual internship
(6 weeks)

Spiritual and Personal Formation

Spiritual practice
Emotional health issues