Faculty at Cornerstone embarked on an interesting yet challenging journey towards the end of the 2012 that has lasted for almost two and half years. The task was to review the learning outcomes in their entirety with the design to chisel in place a more robust academic and study program. The process involved analyzing all the feedback received from our stake holders, on the kind of graduates they would like to see engaging the mission field and correlating this with our existing outcomes. The completion of this review process has birthed a new integrated curriculum that seeks to correlate different modules under bigger blocks to allow for co-teaching among lectures, as well as ensure a progressive coverage of the fields of study and areas of competency in our teaching. We are convinced that this end product will eliminate unnecessary replication in our curriculum and ensure that our graduates both at the Diploma and Certificate level are adequately equipped with the skills, tools, and mindset to impact the mission field in line with our motto of being on fire for the king with a passion for the lost. The new academic curriculum will be in effect at the beginning of the 2015-2016 schooling year, with two main integrated teaching blocks in How to Communicate the Gospel & Church Planting respectively.

By Paul ( Academic Dean)