First year students are required to pay the total fees upfront. It is essential that you transmit this fee into the bank account (bank details specified below) before your arrival here. Please include in the description: Fees and your full name. For second year students we expect half of all your second year fees to be paid before the start of the second year.

Bank: Rabobank
Name: St. WEC NL Cornerstone
City: Beugen
Account number: 107.109.107
IBAN: NL16 RABO 0107 1091 07

Please note: Only transfer from your own bank account & no personal gifts.

Because of immigration, tax and charity regulations, we require you to transfer the fees from your own bank account, clearly registered in your own name. If your church, family or friends want to support you, they can NOT send money directly to Cornerstone. Any money sent by others intended for you or any other individual at Cornerstone will be returned to the giver, with deduction of any bank charges. Gifts to Cornerstone as an organisation are possible and of course very welcome.