quality training

Cornerstone Bible College for Mission Training is committed to offering quality training. We are a member of the European Council for Theological Education (ECTE) – formerly EEAA. We offer a one-year course: Certificate in Intercultural Studies, and a two year course: Diploma in Intercultural Studies. Both of these courses are recognised and accredited by the ECTE. Our accreditation guarantees a constant scrutiny, updating and improvement of our teaching and training.

Because Cornerstone is not an Academic University nor a University of Applied Sciences (HBO), our Certificate or Diploma do not have a legal status in The Netherlands. However, on the basis of our accreditation by the ECTE, we have been entered into the registry for institutions of Higher Education in the Netherlands. We are therefore listed as an institution of higher education on the government endorsed website: We are committed to the Dutch Code of Conduct International Student in Higher Education, and have permission to receive international students.

Although a certificate and diploma of higher education do not have a legal status within the Dutch education system, the Cornerstone study programme does offer possibilities for further study.