Extra information for non-EU students

international students

At Cornerstone we highly value the rich cultural mix of our college community. We are convinced that the best way to prepare for cross cultural work is to study, eat, work, and live with people of many different cultures. So for us it is vital that also students from outside of the EU continue to come and join our mission training community.

We aim to give you all the information you need and part of that is that we want to make sure that you understand what Cornerstone is all about.

We do not offer a bachelor course, but Cornerstone has been granted permission by the Dutch authorities to receive students from outside the European Union. We are committed to inform and interact with you in line with the Dutch Code of Conduct International Student in Higher education.

Because of EU regulations, it does mean that there are some extra hurdles to take for you, if you do not have an EU passport. Some important points are:

  • We will apply for a student visa, please do not apply yourself.
  • The government expects you to transfer c. 14,850 EUR to us before a visa is granted. Most of this will be available for you once you are here (see finance info).
  • We are required to inform the immigration department of your study progress and you will have to sign an agreement form for this.
  • If you are more than 50% behind or have stopped studying, the immigration department will cancel your visa.
  • You also need to submit a recognised English Language test at the level of IELTS 6.0.

There is much to be arranged, but we warmly welcome non-EU applicants. Your personal and cultural background will enrich our intercultural community.