Cornerstone is a work of faith and dedicated to serve the Lord in missions by preparing young people for missionary service. Do you share our vision? Do you want to be involved in a strategic ministry for missions? Are you interested in joining us as a staff member, a volunteer for long or short term, or a supporter in some other way?



Caterer and kitchen supervisor

We are looking for a full-time staff member to manage the preparations, cooking, purchasing, and other duties related to providing one meal each weekday throughout our school year for around 80 people.The job involves

supervise all meals that the college provides, develop a balanced menu, purchase food and kitchen equipment, establish a list of necessary duties that students and volunteers should do for kitchen and supervise kitchen helpers.

Childcare Supervisor

We are looking for someone to join our childcare centre (CCC). As the Childcare Supervisor you would be responsible for overseeing the good function of the CCC. This involves helping the volunteers with learning and practicing good skills for tending to the children as well as the facilities. They generally need to learn to teach and care for the children, set up daily programs and to work in a small team with other volunteers. This also means looking out for the general well-being of these volunteers…

Cook / Kitchen helper

We are seeking a volunteer who can assist our Kitchen Manager with the preparations, cooking a couple of times a week, purchasing, and other duties related to providing one meal each weekday throughout our school year for around 80 people. This also includes the provision of supplies for students for their other meals.

Administrative / Secretarial Assistant

We are looking for someone who feels at home with common office responsibilities and loves to assist others with the same. This vital person should have organizational skills and a friendly disposition. The role of the administrative assistant requires working with confidential material, therefore sensitivity is key. A willing attitude to learn is important and as the college is international, fluency in English is important. Cornerstone places a high value on community life, and you will also be fully involved in this. Read more…


We are grateful to God that every year we have a team of staff and volunteers who make Cornerstone function, without receiving a salary. Staff and volunteers trust God to provide through donations from home churches, friends and supporters. We also pay for our stay and food. If you are interested in joining our full-time team or to come and work as a volunteer for one year, please look at our needs below and contact us.
Long term, full time staff from now.

Cornerstone is run by dedicated missionary staff. All residential long-term staff are members of WEC International. One requirement for all teaching staff is that they have cross cultural mission experience. None of the resident staff members receive a salary. We trust God to provide for us through donations from our home churches, friends and supporters.


Cornerstone could not exist without volunteers that come and help in practical areas, such as household, child care centre, maintenance, specialized technical work, ITC, cooking, painting, etc.

All volunteers share in the missionary task as they help in facilitating the training and preparation of mission candidates. Therefore our volunteers participate fully in college life. They mix with the students, take part in chapels, prayer, worship, and special activities as much as possible.

Because of visa regulations, we can only receive volunteers from within the EU.

Are you looking for an opportunity to serve the Lord short time (a few months to a year) in a mission environment?