Join us for a one or two week course!

short courses

Due to Covid-19 we have limited space for guest students. Please, contact us for information.


Most courses in the Cornerstone curriculum are given in modules of one or two weeks. Some courses on theology, missiology, intercultural studies and biblical subjects are also available for people who do not study with us full time. This offers an excellent opportunity for specialized studies to those who do not have time or the need to follow a complete Bible college programme. Short courses are also a useful opportunity for additional studies or refresher courses for missionaries on furlough.

 If you are interested in some of our short courses, please contact for more information.

Price per week € 221,- (including tuition, accommodation and meals).

Bible Courses

29/09 – 09/10 Intro to OT Michael Eigenraam
03 – 06/11 Bible Survey: Genesis 12-50 Traugott Hopp
24 – 27/11 Bible Survey: Exodus Michael Eijgenraam
1 – 4/12 Bible Survey: Samuel/ Kings W.B.


Mission & Intercultural  Courses

08 – 18/09 Communicating the Gospel Interculturally Tiago Fonseca, Wolgang Tiedeck, Alex van Ness
17 – 20/11 Discipleship Daniel van Saane
8 – 11/12 Ministring to Migrants & Refugees L & M
15 – 18/12 Islam 1 Colin Bearup


Personal Formation and Interpersonal Skills Courses

22 – 25/09 Leadership Birgit

Theology for Missions Courses

29/09 – 09.10 Intro to Theology:  The Triune God and the Authority of the Bible Benj Welsby
27 – 30/10 Intro to Theology:  Creation, Humanity and the Fall Benj Welsby