Campus & grounds

Cornerstone Bible College for Mission Training is housed in a former convent and adjacent school building in the little village of Beugen. The convent used to house a girls’ boarding school. A next door farm also formed part of the convent property and now serves as staff accommodation and as library and study area. The grounds consist of a few acres of land with lawns, a vegetable garden, a children’s play area, a wooded area and an orchard with apple and cherry trees. The grounds provide pleasant opportunity for being outdoors.


Living accommodation and facilities in the main building of Cornerstone are good but basic. Renovation and modernisation of the property are ongoing projects as we seek to improve the accommodation, particularly with regard to family quarters.

First year single students share a room with another student. Second year students have a single room. All rooms have a telephone and an internet connection. There are small apartments consisting of several rooms for families with children. There are shared bathrooms in the various sections of the building, as well as small kitchens for students’ use. The main meals are served in a pleasant, modern dining room. Families are only required to join the midday meal. At other times they are free to take their meals as a family.

Cornerstone is a ‘work of faith’. Student fees cover only board and tuition. Big renovation or extension projects are paid for by gifts from outside. We trust God to provide all that is necessary for developing the college property and facilities.

Sports & leisure

Cornerstone encourages students to participate in physical activities and sports, as a healthy body is both necessary in mission work and honouring to God.

The lawns around the buildings allow for games of volleyball, soccer and other outdoor activities. In the school building there is a recreation room with fitness equipment and a table tennis facility. For moments of leisure a snooker table, darts and other games are available for use.

Cornerstone is situated at the edge of a small village in a characteristic Dutch river landscape. This offers ample opportunity for beautiful walks or hikes and especially for cycling tours. The college has many bicycles available for use.


In-depth training for missions requires that the student has access to adequate resources. Cornerstone prides itself in a library with more that 18000 titles on the shelves. These include essential books on topics related to missiology as well as many theological works and Bible commentaries.

In addition the library has an extensive audio-visual section and also receives and catalogues all the major mission magazines. The library is constantly up-dated with new titles.

A library computer program makes searching for books or articles efficient and quick. Many students bring their own laptop, but the library has an area specially fitted out with computers with internet access for student use.

The surroundings

Cornerstone is situated in the small and friendly village of Beugen, in the south east of the Netherlands, close to the river Maas, one of the main rivers of the country. The area next to the college is a characteristic example of traditional Dutch river landscape with the wide outer marshes bordered by winter and summer dikes, creating conditions for a very particular flora and fauna.

The nearby town of Boxmeer (3 km) provides all the necessary shopping and other facilities. It also has a railway station with a commuter train going to Venlo and Nijmegen, ensuring good connections to the rest of the country. The historical city of Nijmegen (Charlemagne had a residence there) is only 20 km away and very worthwhile visiting. The attractive German towns of Goch and Kleve are also close by (less than 20 km) and very convenient for shopping.