The finances of Cornerstone are part of our journey of faith and trust in God. We are able to keep the costs at a low level, because we do not pay our staff. Just like most of our students, also our staff depends on God to supply their finances through the support they receive from their church, family and friends. The fees for 2024 – 2025 are:


1st year programme



€ 3,580

Food & accommodation*:

€ 3,410



Total: € 6,990

2nd year programme



 € 3,300

Food & accommodation*:

€ 3,140



Total: € 6,440

Children of resident students per year

Aged 0-1: € 595
Aged 1 year or above :
€ 2,095

For prospective students:

For full financial details, please contact us.

For current students:

  Fees and additional costs (PDF)      

*subject to be adjusted

non-european applicants

Special financial conditions apply. See Finance info PDF for the current school year. Fees cover: Tuition & use of study facilities, food and accommodation (including weekends), and travel expenses to weekly learning activities.

fees do not cover

Mission trips in the first year (3 weeks) and the second year (6 weeks), staying at Cornerstone during holiday breaks, and other additional costs like: books, laundry, telephone, visa costs etc. See Fees and additional costs PDF.

Additional costs

Besides the Cornerstone fees, you will have additional costs. We mention the most important ones. Please also check, the PDF downloads above.

Missions and Internship:

Fees do not cover the cost for Spring Mission (3 weeks in your first year) and Internship (6 weeks in your second year). You will need extra finance to cover both activities. Depending on the chosen destination the cost may vary from €500 – €1500 per trip.

Breaks and holidays:

 If you want to stay in college during breaks and holidays you pay an extra charge per night per person. In addition you will be asked to help in a small daily practical duty. No catering is available during these breaks.


As part of the training we recommend you to buy some books during the course. It is advisable to budget an average of €200 for this purpose.

Health & Insurance:

You must have full health insurance for your time at Cornerstone. EU/EAA & Swiss nationals should be able to get a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from their healthcare system at home. Other students must get a private insurance. We cannot accept you without having received copies of your EHIC or  health insurance policy. Please check:
International students at Cornerstone have previously chosen for AON student insurance, but please note that it remains your responsibility to check out what insurance package is needed for your specific situation.


If you do not hold a EU/EEA/Swiss passport, Cornerstone will handle your visa application, but the cost will be charged to you (c.  €350).


On arrival you pay a key deposit and a deposit for the room. Both deposits will be refunded when on leaving you return the key and clean the apartment, leaving it without damage.