Life after Cornerstone

Why is it that over 70% of the Cornerstone graduates find themselves on the mission field? We believe that it is because, besides a solid biblical foundation, they have received a very practical training to function and communicate in cross cultural situations.

Our programme aims to prepare missions workers who can handle culture shock, relate well in international teams, have a good self knowledge and can handle interpersonal issues, have a deep and growing spiritual life and can speak the Word of God with authority but also in a culturally sensitive way.

Are these also your goals? Then Cornerstone may be the place for you.

Our graduates are found in many different mission organisations, on every continent and in all kinds of work, including Church planting, Bible teaching, rural development, community development, youth and children’s work, work among drug addicts and street kids, support work.

Testimonials from some former students

Jobs in Cambodia


I’m Michelle! I studied at Cornerstone from August 2003 until July 2005. It was a life-changing time – I planned to study “just for a year” and then return to my job in Australia, but God called me into full-time missions!
I joined WEC International, and have been working in Cambodia since March 2008. I studied the Khmer language full-time for a year. Then I studied part-time and began working part-time as well. Currently, I’m serving my team in a number of administrative roles, and also teaching English to some young men as part of their vocational training course. I’m loving my mix of different jobs!
My passion is to live life to the full. For me, this means loving God with all of my heart and soul and mind and strength … and letting this love overflow into the lives of people around me. I want everyone to have a chance to know this amazing God who loves us so much.

At home in Romenia


Cornerstone was just like being ‘at home’! What a privilege for us to study in a family friendly environment among people with mission on their heart. We now feel more equipped for mission.
At the end of 2009, we left the Netherlands to make our ‘home’ in Romania and become missionaries European Christian Mission. In the summer of 2012 we moved to the southern region of Oltenia. Here we are involved in church planting, children’s ministry and social work. We do this by, for example, holding weekly church services, children’s programmes and building relationships with inhabitants by doing home visits. Further, we started giving homework assistance. We want to be there for them and show them the love of Jesus by helping them with their homework and hang around with them by building healthy relationships..

Reach the Fulani


Mark (from the UK) and Caroline (from Burkina Faso) were at Cornerstone in 2005. Married in 1999, they have one daughter, Naomi, born in 2003. They serve with WEC International in Banfora in the far south-west of Burkina Faso near the border with Ivory Coast ‘We have now been in Banfora nearly six years. Our time here has moved through three distinct phases: language learning while at the same time seeking to build friendships with Fulani people in our area, literacy work and now evangelism and church planting. Traditionally a nomadic people of herders, they have been settling in our region and very little missionary work is currently being done among them. Because they are nomadic literacy is very low. We feel that literacy centres are a strategic tool that God has given to us to reach the Fulani. The literacy work has given us a good reputation and opened up several villages to evangelism.