When I think of heaven I think of worship. I know some people consider this to be really boring, but for me to be in the presence of God and to worship him with songs, that’s really something to look forward to. I will visit the different worship sections: German, of course – but then also the English-speaking sections. I have grown to love hymns and modern songs in that language, too. And then I will move to the Dagomba and Frafra section. Both are Ghanaian languages and they worship God with a distinct beat and dances.

I remember my first worship services in the North of Ghana and how utterly discouraged I felt that I was not able to worship God with my heart because the music was strange and I did not understand the words. A few years down the line I had grown to love the full-body worship in community as we danced in circles in church lifting up the name of Jesus. Yes, I will enjoy worship in heaven! And I may learn some Korean and brush up my Arabic as well. People from all tongues and tribes together in worship of the lamb! What a vision!

When I mentioned my plans for heaven to my staff prayer partner she asked: But – will there still be different cultures in heaven?

Well, I don’t know, but I hope there will. Not the sinful bits of culture, of course, but the beauty of diversity.