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Vacancy: Gardener & Handyman

Guest Services and Admin Assitant

Join our team! We are looking for a full-time staff member (1 year or longer) to help take care of the gardens of the college grounds

All staff at Cornerstone do not receive a salary but are considered supported missionaries. In other words, we trust God to provide for us through donations from our home churches, friends, and supporters. Our students come from all over the world and from a variety of church backgrounds. They follow a one- or two-year course to prepare for long-term cross-cultural mission work. 

 We are seeking someone who:

  • Loves Jesus Christ and wants to serve others
  • Is willing to work in the garden and on practical jobs
  • Is ready to learn more as they serve
  • Likes to live and work among others from diverse backgrounds
  • Wants to get involved with those in our community for times of ministry and spiritual growth



  • Maintaining lawns and other green spaces 
  • Installing landscapes
  • Monitoring and ensuring plant health
  • Install and keep seasonal plants
  • Mow, trim and fertilise green spaces
  • Mulch, edge and weed gardens
  • Prune and trim trees and bushes
  • Maintain all gardening equipment and machinery, like mowers, trimmers and leaf blowers
  • Monitor and maintain the health of plants
  • Deal with pest problems that could damage plants
  • Keep gardens and green spaces clear of debris and litter


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