It was so good to visit the Bible and theology teaching ministry in the Middle East of which we were an integral part for many years.  They celebrated 25 years of existence and had invited us back to join the celebrations.  Of course it was great to see old colleagues and friends, but what really encouraged us was seeing how the ministry has continued to grow.

When we left the region nearly a year ago to join the Cornerstone staff we could not help wonder how things would develop.  We need not have worried.  Great new people are taking the ministry forward with fresh vision and vigor, expanding the curriculum, reaching new cities, and developing a distance ed. component.  I was particularly encouraged to see a fresh intake of Master-level students.

It was also wonderful to be back in our old church.  Young men into whom we had poured ourselves have moved into positions of leadership; it was great to see a good friend, a former Muslim, leading the congregation in Lord’s Supper.

Our job as missionaries is to work ourselves out of the job.  We returned to Cornerstone feeling that, by God’s grace, that had been accomplished.  What a wonderfully satisfying feeling!