The world is changing rapidly and therefore as Cornerstone staff and faculty we need to constantly keep learning in order to be relevant and up-to-date in our teaching and on the ball in the practical areas of the college. For the practical staff this means refresher courses in health and safety.

Staff on faculty keeps fresh and relevant in various ways. Two of our present staff are enrolled in doctoral programmes. One staff member has just finished her master’s degree, another one is rounding off his thesis. Other staff members attend conferences on such subjects as digital evangelism and media use,  KBA and EEAA sponsored events which promote networking among different bible schools,  or, recently, a consultation about theological education in the context of the migrant church. In-house training gives us insight into organizational development, how to develop lesson plans, and other faculty and leadership related subjects.  In-house training, of course, also includes child protection, and what to do in case of a fire or in medical emergencies, including the use of an AED.

Life-long learning: its a value we promote and seek to model here at Cornerstone.