Our mission is to provide “Practical Bible-Based Mission Training across Cultures”. Cornerstone has a twofold profile, which enables it to fulfil this mission in the best possible way:

1. Cornerstone is one of WEC International’s Missionary Training Centres (MTCs)

Cornerstone is a missionary training college. Its primary goal is to prepare and to train missionaries for their future work in a different culture. Apart from academic training (biblical, theological, cross-cultural, interpersonal, and ministerial), this includes character formation and spiritual formation. Thus apart from classroom instruction and weekly self-study, training happens also in community living, individual and group mentoring, chapel and prayer days, practical work and duties, weekly outreach ministry, and annual placements.

2. Cornerstone is a Bible School for Missions accredited by the ECTE (European Council for Theological Education)

As an accredited Bible School for Missions Cornerstone is an educational institution, where students study and learn within the framework and according to the guidelines of European Higher Education. Cornerstone students study for a total of 60 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System) per year. In order to enable students to reach this academic goal Cornerstone offers 12 classroom contact hours per week and expects from each student a total of 30 hours of self-study and other learning activities per week (including practical work, chapel time, ministry, missionary speakers, and personal and group mentoring).

Cornerstone is thus not just a school and it is not just a missionary discipleship-training centre. It is both and it is even more! So come prepared for study. However, be also ready for an intense process of spiritual, character, and ministerial formation. Cornerstone is not a retreat centre. It is a place of intense preparation in all areas of missionary life, a place of work and formation, which includes times of rest, meditation and listening to God’s voice for your present life and future.

May God lead you in your decision concerning Cornerstone!