A multicultural team with solid mission experience

Cornerstone is run by a dedicated staff of WEC mission workers who feel called to the ministry of training people to be representatives of Christ in cross cultural mission work. Though all are well qualified for their specific jobs, staff members do not receive a salary but are supported by their churches and support groups. Because of this, college fees can be kept to a minimum.

The college is led by a leadership team: Elizabeth Stewart (Principal), Michael Eijgenraam and Ingeborg Till. The staff and leadership team are accountable to the Cornerstone Board.

Elizabeth Stewart

Northen Ireland

(B.Ed),Elizabeth qualified as a teacher and did two years of Bible College at the Faith Mission, Edinburgh. She later engaged in further studies at Belfast Bible College and by extension through Global University, Missouri. She joined the WEC team in Thailand in 1981 where she was involved primarily in church planting and local leadership development […]

Michael Eijgenraam

The Netherlands

(BA, MA, PGCE) finished his theology studies at London Bible College in 1992 and completed his PGCE at London University a year later. He worked as a Religious Education teacher and head of RE in a secondary school in England. In 1996 he returned to the Netherlands to work in financial administration and part-time at […]

Belinda Eijgenraam

The Netherlands

From 1992 to 1994, Belinda worked on the Doulos, a ship of Operation Mobilisation, and saw many different harbours in Asia and Africa. She returned to the Netherlands to train and work as a business secretary. Her last job before coming to Cornerstone in 2004 was at ZOA, a Christian organisation that aims to help […]

Wolfgang Tiedeck


Wolfgang (MTh equivalent) studied theology in Basel, Tübingen and Wuppertal and was ordained as pastor of the Protestant Church of the Rhineland. In 1991 he joined WEC and went to the north of Ghana. His emphasis was on theological training of lay leaders (TEE.). He also advised on the dependency problem between mission and church, […]

Martin Till


Martin (MTh) is an ordained pastor of the Evangelische Landeskirche in Württemberg (Germany), where he served two parishes from 1982-1987. In 1988 he was seconded to WEC International. After Portuguese language study he served eleven years in Guinea-Bissau. He was involved in discipleship-ministry and theological training and helped to set up the first resident Bible […]

Ingeborg Till


Ingeborg is a Paediatric Nurse. From 1989-1992 she studied at Cornerstone. In 1993 she joined WEC-International, learned Arabic and served as a midwife in the Middle East. In 1996 she married Martin. They worked together in Guinea-Bissau for four years. Ingeborg knows the challenges of working abroad as a single, as married and as mother. […]

Paul Ogutu


Paul (BA, BS, MM, MABS, MDiv), has worked with several organizations including: Life Ministry Kenya (teaching evangelism and discipleship); Word of Life Hungary (Intern staff for the Bible Institute); FCBC USA (youth pastor); TTU & CIU (football coach); and SAE Church (adult Sunday School teacher). He completed his theological and seminary studies in the USA. […]

Sabine Ogutu


Sabine is a licensed optician by profession and has lived and served in Israel, Hungary and USA. At Cornerstone she is involved in mentoring. Paul and Sabine have three kids, two boys and one daughter.

Olivier Wenger

France - Switzerland

Olivier (B.Sc. equivalent in IT, B.Sc. in micro-engineering) discovered the need of IT specialists in Christian organizations during his first 5 months-long volunteer work in 2012. In June 2014 and since then, he committed himself to Cornerstone in the area of system and network administration.

Tiago Fonseca


Tiago (BA, PGCert) is Brazilian. He has over 10 years professional experience in Marketing and Promotions, both in secular and Christian circles. He has completed missions training at Cornerstone, served with WEC in Senegal and worked as the Communications Director and Young Adults Pastor of Quinta Igreja, a large Presbyterian church in Brazil. Tiago is […]

Lizzie Fonseca

United Kingdom

Lizzie (BA) is from the UK. She worked for many years with International Students in the UK both professionally, in her work for a large British University and in ministry, with various teams reaching out to internationals living in Birmingham. She completed her CELTA (TEFL) training in Spain and has lived and taught in Poland […]

Joyce van Doornik

The Netherlands

Joyce worked from 1995 at different institutions as a professional cook. In 2007 she joined the Doulos (OM Ships International) for two-and a half year. While working on board as the chief cook, she visited many different countries and worked with cross-cultural teams. Joyce works as promotions and events manager.

Renata Hanscamp

New Zealand - The Netherlands

Renata (MA ICS/TEFL, MA ITE) has lived more than half of her life away from her home country of New Zealand.  She studied at Columbia International University, Columbia, South Carolina, USA as well as Columbia’s European Campus in Korntal, Germany.  Three years in Yokkaichi, Japan as an English teacher and working at Bodenseehof in Germany […]

Arjan de Waaij

The Netherlands

Arjan has a background in Mechanical Engineering. In 2006 he coordinated the building of a primary school in Zambia. From 2008-2010 he studied at Cornerstone and together with his wife and kids he spent five years in Burkina Faso and Mali. He was involved in church-planting and he set up a community center with a […]

Ross de Waaij

Roos and her husband Arjan served in Zambia for a year before starting their studies at Cornerstone. After completing these studies in 2010, Roos, Arjan and their four children spent five years in Burkina Faso and Mali. They were involved in church-planting and Roos also home-schooled her children. She joined staff at Cornerstone in the […]

Jens Auer


Jens (BA equiv. Forest engineering) After having worked in forestry for six years he and his family lived in Senegal/Westafrica for 12 years before coming to Cornerstone as staff members in 2018. From 2001-2003 he and his wife had been students at Cornerstone themselves and have benefitted from the training tremendously. In Senegal Jens and […]

Conni Auer


Conni (BA equiv. Primary Ed) developed a special love for missionary families and their specific needs while being dorm mum and director of Bourofaye Christian School in Senegal. She is passionate about seeing personal and spiritual growth in young and also not so young people. To continue working in an international setting is something she […]

Donald Fraser


Donald trained as Gamekeeper and wildlife manager (Thurso College) with work experience over 10 years, with further education (CertTh – Highland Theological College and AssDegTh – Worldview Centre for Intercultural Studies). Donald married Rosangela in 2008 and joined WEC in 2009. They have been working as staff support base: London – Bulstrode WEC HQ 5 […]

Rosângela Fraser

Brazil / UK

Rosangela is trained as a Technical Engineer, with further Education (DipTh, DipMiss, Cultural Analysis, Linguistic Socio Cultural, Linguistics Analysis with New Tribes Mission(Brazil) and Missiology & Linguistics with Wycliff(Brazil). She worked with Asheninka and Marubo tribe in the Amazon with New Tribes Mission(1999-2003). Joined WEC in Brazil 2005. Rosangela is married to Donald. They have […]

Guest Lecturers at Cornerstone

We have the privilege of welcoming several guest lecturers each year who share their mission experience and expertise with us and our students. To give an impression, a short introduction of some of our regular guest lecturers.

Uwe Hutter – Germany

Uwe Hutter (Th.M and D.Div.) studied Theology at STH, Basel, Switzerland from 1978-1983. Worked 2 years for the Geneva Bible Societies translating parts of the NT from Greek to German. Since 1986 he is a missionary with WEC International in Spain: three church planting projects in and around Madrid. From 1993 to 2015 ordinary professor at SEFOVAN Bible Institute in Madrid, teaching OT, Hebrew (modern and old), Angelology, Christology and Contemporary Theology. Now ordinary professor at the FTCR (Facultad Teológica Cristiana Reformada) in Madrid and Las Palmas. Pastor of an evangelical church in Las Rozas, Madrid and President of the Theological Commission of the Spanish Evangelical Alliance


Heike Tiedeck – Germany

(MA ICS) She lived in France and England, and travelled in the Philippines and Egypt, before marrying Wolfgang in 1995. She accompanied him to Ghana and helped in the TEE ministry, as well as serving as field treasurer and health advisor. Their son Dominik was born in 1997. She teaches in the area of Intercultural Studies.


J.G. – Germany

J.G. (M.Th.) studied theology in Basle (STH) from 1984 to 1988 and after a short pastorate in Switzerland continued training in England where he received a postgraduate Diploma in Mission from All Nations Christians College. He and his wife joined WEC International in 1991 and moved to Germany for language learning with refugees from the Middle East. J. has been involved in Bible translation (NT, AT) since 1993 and has assisted in various media related projects (Jesus Films, Magdalena, God’s Story, etc.); he is also coordinating radio programs for TWR in “his” language. As branch leader for a few years and now again for Bible translation he regularly travels to the Middle East. At Cornerstone he has taught the course “Unlocking Islam” (2006 -2016) and now “History of Mission” (since 2017).


Michael Haller – Switzerland

Michael Haller studied Theology at STH Basel, Switzerland (MTh), undertook Arabic and Islamic studies at the University of Zurich, Switzerland and an Arabic language school in Amman, Jordan (certificate) and currently is a doctoral candidate of Religious Studies and Theology at ETF Leuven, Belgium. He lectures in World religions and Missions at IGW International and ISTL, Switzerland. Having grown up in Cameroon he served as pastor of an international church in the Middle East for six years and now fills various teaching and leading roles with WEC International. He is married and lives with his wife and three children in Switzerland.