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short courses

Many of our courses given in modules of one or two weeks, others are offered one day a week for four weeks. Some courses on theology, missiology, intercultural studies and biblical subjects are also available for people who do not study with us full-time. This offers an excellent opportunity for specialized studies to those who do not have time or the need to follow a complete Bible college programme. Short courses are also a useful opportunity for additional studies or refresher courses for missionaries on furlough.

If you are interested in some of our short courses, please contact for more information.

Price per week € 280,- (including tuition, accommodation and meals).

*Note, the dates below are subject to change, if you are interested in joining a course, please contact us. We are currently NOT offering these courses online.

Autumn 2023

Bible Courses

29 Aug. – 1 Sept.

04-08 Sept.

Intro to Hermeneutics (2 weeks)

Michael E.


27-28 Sept

4-5 Oct.

09-10 Oct.

25-26 Oct.

08-09 Nov.

15-16 Nov.

29-30 Nov.

22-23 Nov.

6-7 Dec.

13-14 Dec.

Old Testament Overview

·         Walk Through the OT

·         Beginnings Genesis

·         The Exodus Journey

·         OT Law & Worship

·         Conquest and Kingdom

·         Wisdom Literature

·         Prophets before the Exile

·         Prophecy of Isaiah

·         Destruction and Exile

·         Return from Exile

Various lecturers

25-28 Sept.

2-3 Oct

Exeg. Genesis

Phil S.

4-5 Oct.

9-12 Oct.

Exeg. Psalms


22-23 Nov

27-28 Nov.



Mission & Intercultural  Courses

30 Oct.-2 Nov.

6-9 Nov.

History of Missions (2 weeks)

Jonathan G.

13-14 Sept

20-21 Sept.

Communicating the Gospel Cross Culturally – Intercultural Communication

Tiago Fonseca

6-7 Sept.

13-14 Sept.

Development Issues

Roos de Waaij

20-21 Nov.

29-30 Nov.

4-5 Dec.

11-12 Dec.

Cultural Anthropology

Phil S. & Birte

27-28 Oct. & 1 Dec

Communicating the Gospel Cross Culturally – Evangelism

Randy H.

Alex v. N.

Personal Formation and Interpersonal Skills Courses

23-26 Oct.



Theology for Missions Courses

11-12 Sept.

18-19 Sept

Intro to Theology:  The Triune God and the Authority of the Bible*

Benj Welsby

4-5 Dec.

11-12 Dec.

Intro to Theology:  Creation, Humanity and the Fall*

Benj Welsby

18-21 Sept.

THE 262 Contemporary The. of Mission

Paul Davies/Benj